If you or someone you know is pregnant, you may already know that to glide or not to glide is one of the many baby-preparation decisions a mom-to-be will have to make. While often very comfortable, glider chairs are rarely appealing to non-pregnant folk. As if beamed from a slightly askew, Star Trek-designed parallel country-home universe, gliders generally look like granny's rocking chair: wood frame, upholstered cushions attached, and genetically-altered silently-swaying mechanism and platform -- where the old-fashioned curved rails used to go -- underneath.

Optional features include swivel, to turn the chair when getting in and out or to reach for the remote while seated, and recline, for when the baby, or you, fall(s) asleep from the gentle wave-like motion.

The thing about gliders is that most people don't buy one except when they are visualizing nursing a baby in one.

Unless this is you, you probably aren't aware that they are pretty darned comfortable pieces of furniture, even for the childless, and that the best darn place to buy a glider chair is located right here, in the greater Bay Area.