Checking out Laughing Squid, we came across yucksters SFShenanigans' Christmas-In-August calendar item. (Similar to last month's reverse trick-or-treat, which we hear was spooktacular.)

Fun! But in the comments section of the Laughing Squid post is where it gets interesting:

Kinton Linton Johnson, BART chief spokesperson and their number-one fan, baptized the comments section, saying SFShenanigans need to score a "free-speech permit" before singing "Carol of the Bells," getting festive. Sadly, he goes on to say that it's too late for SFShenanigans since it takes a whopping seven days to obtain a permit speak freely on BART.

Who knew you needed a license to pretend that it's Christ's birthday on BART, much less loudly bitch about politics en masse?

Special guest starts include Jackson West, suggesting "everyone bring a copy of the Bill of Rights" and Josh Wolf, who's kind of, actually funny.