The GHB, worth around $400,000 (wow) is now being analyzed to determine its origin. Huh. Science is way more advanced than we realized. Our old roommate used to make the stuff at a prestigious West Coast university's lab. We have to wonder if it’s really traceable. If so, it’s a good thing said ex-roomie drank it all himself, and never even thought about sharing it with us. Or did he and we just didn’t know it? Hmmm. We did wake up one morning with a...and our...which was… That bastard! Ha ha. We jest.

The perp said he was on his way to a party in SF. We can’t imagine where. Any ideas? Can we get on the list next time?

Even when used recreationally and without intent to take advantage of others, we don’t really get GHB. Any drug that makes you puke, pork, poop, pig out, and pass out, and not in the order that would actually be awesome (and slimming), just doesn’t seem that fun. Guess we’re getting old.