-- The al fresco SF Mayoral race debate, featuring full frontal. Gosh. What madcap wackiness will they unload on us next? [SFBG]

-- "Not guilty," says Ed Jew. [Examiner]

-- CW Nevius on Golden Gate Park a month later. [Chron]

-- Earthlink's citywide wi-fi networks? Might fail. [LeftInSF]

-- Jerry Brown's one-time top cop busted for DUI. [Oakland Tribune]

-- This year's Halloween in the Castro theme: martial law. [Beyond Chron]

-- White youths? Are the happiest youths. Thank God that question was finally answered. [Chron, va AP]

-- SF Weekly claims that all the gays love Joan Rivers. How insensitive! How--well, we do enjoy her old-Jewess charm on The View, so...maybe so. [ASD]

Bravely-captured image and cartoon thunderbolt: SFBG/Sarah Phelan