All right! Stop whatcha doin'/'cause I'm about to ruin/the image and the style that ya used to.

Giants 8 Marlins 7- Again, we have no statistics to back us up, but it seems like Giants team after Giants team goes down to that humid, plastic, empty stadium in Miami and dies. We can’t remember a good series the Giants had down there. But finally, the worst Giants team of the past fifteen (twenty?) years appears to have gotten one over the Fish by taking a four game series. About four years too late if you ask us. Hell, ten years too late. Anyways, a real live pennant race is coming to the Phonebooth tonight as the Giants play host to the Cubs who are involved in that threeway race for the NL Central crown. You can't be any sort of baseball fan and not by psyched by the prospect of a pennant race between the Cubs, Cards, and the Milwaukee Brewers. And as we kind of like the Cubs being loveable losers and hate Tony LaRussa, we're hoping the Giants continue with their winning ways and help the rumblin', stumblin' Brew Crew out.

A's 6 Jays 4- Your A's hero of the game? Slammin' Jack Hannahan who hit his first home run ever in the third, a three run jobber. Hannahan is yet one more in the A's continuing season-long saga of "Who the Hell Are These Guys?" Beane's made a bunch of big, sort of splashy signings over the past few years (Mike Piazza anyone) yet the guys who've been doing it for the A's are guys we're not even sure Beane thought would do much. Athletic's Nation sums it up best, calling this A's team "the Misfits." And, hey, those Misfits are now just two games away from .500.