Braves 5 Giants 4- Just to catch everyone up, the Giants got sand kicked in their faces by the Pirates, Matt Cain’s sack got even sadder, and Rajal Davis continued his quest to rock. In other news, for those dreaming up A-Rod in black & orange, the asking price is rumoured to be $36 million a year. That's a lot of moolah, like Oprah money. We mean, is anyone worth $36 million a year (other than us, of course)? Yeah, he's good but nobody is that good. That asking price, actually, kind of sums up AFraud-- his image says good, modest, hard working, team oriented ball player while his bank account says bitch betta have my money. Oh, one more thing, what do you think Bonds' reaction will be if the Giants refuse to resign him and then resign the guy who most people think will break his big record?

A's 4 White Sox 3- The Raiders coach, the Boy Wonder was hospitalized yesterday with a "viral infection" and will be taking a few sick days for the rest of the week. Now, as Freud would say, a viral infection is sometimes a viral infection but that didn't stop the chattering classes from wondering whether he's just sick with the flu or a case of "I was just the Assistant to the Assistant Coach at 'SC and now I'm the head coach of the biggest joke of a franchise in sports because some old guy who smells like moth balls was lonely. What the hell am I doing here?"- itis And just wondering, do NFL head coaches have like five sick days and if they take more than six, would they have to give up pay for the day? Or would they have to use up on their floating holidays? As for the A's, Jack Cust hit two home runs to help the A's get the win.

So long, Scooter