Over at Chicagoist, readers weighed in with their favorite memories of a local concert venue celebrating its silver anniversary and railed about the passage of a statewide smoking ban for Illinois. The former Marshall Field's department store received bad publicity in the form of fruit flies in the food court and someone falling from the upper floors. And local residents worried about the possibility of increased pollution in Lake Michigan from an Indiana oil refinery.

This week, LAist invited five Guest Day Editors from the blogLAsphere to join them: Green LA Girl, Fred Camino of MetroRiderLA, Zuma Dogg, the LA City Nerd and previous LAist editor, Carolyn Kellogg. On Wednesday, the DEA raided 10 local medical marijuana clinics while TARGET's newest three-story store soft-launched to almost no one. Then there was Lindsay Lohan. Oh Lindsay.

Austinist welcomed the name change of a local lake to honor Lady Bird Johnson, and was surprised to find that Austin is a model for Iraqi reconstruction efforts. Nonstop rains of the past two months have led to a cricket infestation, plus A university professor claimed that obese girls are less likely to attend college, and another report showed that Austin's suburbs are among the fastest growing in the nation. Meanwhile, locals are up in arms over a secret Spoon show.