By a 5-1 vote, the San Francisco Taxi Commission said that poor Michael Byrne will have to keep taxi cab medallion #666. The meeting sounded like a hoot too as the head of the cab drivers union testified while wearing red horns. While speaking to the commission, he said: "How dare you take Lucifer's number away. This is a serious issue.'' We also love that in the minutes of the meeting, a footnote had to be added to let everyone know that the truth of the Book of Revelations "cannot be verified." O rly? Byrne did not attend.

Now, not that we're experts in this thing, but would it be that big of a deal to change the number? And what is the president of the cab drivers union doing not defending one of his boys? Isn't that his job?

Oh well.

Hmmm...maybe Byrne's next step could be to go see an Exorcist? Either way, if we were ever to get into that particular cab, we're going to be muttering, "the power of Christ compels you" the whole way through.