Cab driver Michael Byrne wants a new medallion number. The reason? Because his is #666 and he's thinking it's giving him bad luck. For those not up on their apocalypse, 666, is the number the Anti-Christ has tattooed on his skull. That's how you'll know it's him, excepting all those people who had it tattooed on their skull because they thought it was cool. Also, he'll be Jewish and very possibly the head of the U.N.

Byrne, a 30 year veteran, has said that he's had any number (ha! we made a pun) of bad things happen to him since he's gotten the number, including an accident and deaths in the family. He's even tried to have his cab blessed at Mission Delores Dolores to try and ward off the bad mojo. There also is apparently any number of whacky things involved with that particular cab and is a bit of a ghost story in cabbie circles. The previous owner of the medallion also tried to get rid of it, saying passengers refused to get in his cab at night.