As we mentioned, Alyssa was all over this town for All-Star week: promoting her Touch 'Em All fashion line, hosting the celebrity All-Star game, attending All-Star parties where she was sighted by People Magazine snuggling up to Dodgers catcher Russell Martin, and going to a Playboy party (we have Playboy parties in SF?). Whew!

Alyssa endearingly blogs all about her week in SF here -- but no mention if she managed to hook up again with her ex, local pitcher-boy Barry Zito (she does love those baseball players -- touch 'em all indeed!).

And hey look, SFist Jon, you and Alyssa have something in common -- she's also reluctantly loving Barry Bonds (at least for now!). SFist Jon, you play ball, right? We've got someone we want to introduce you to!