Over in the East Bay, the city of Oakland's filed suit against Waste Management, the garbage company that's locked out the local workers for 11 days now, and is letting trash pile up all over Alameda County. The city wants a 90-day cooldown period where the union workers can work and they can talk about the contract; the company says they've already hired new people and everything is fine.

Meanwhile, the Chron reports that all the fancy-pants areas of Oakland are fine but it's getting really bad in Fruitvale, East Oakland, and West Oakland. Watch out for flies and rats.

In San Francisco, meanwhile, we hear that one of the Board of Supes committees is discussing Gavin Newsom's plan to take away city garbage cans. We cannot for the life of us find anything about this online, but our source said it was one of the committees that Ed Jew's on. No prob -- the garbage cans won't live in San Francisco either!

We borrowed this picture from SFist Jim's post!