Just some random news items on the wire:

There was a three-alarm fire at Thurgood Marshall Alternative High in the Bayview this afternoon. School's out for the summer, so there weren't any students around, and the authorities think the fire was started by roofers working with tar.

Some unscreened yutz snuck into Terminal 1 (the non-Southwest one) at Oakland Airport this morning, necessitating a two-hour search of the entire place as TSA tried in vain to locate the guy. He's described as 55-65, 6'2", wearing brown and green clothes. They didn't empty the terminals, but all flights were grounded and the security lines were loooong. We're vengefully hoping Mr. 55-65, 6'2", brown and green outfit, at least missed a connecting flight or something due to the delay he caused everyone.

And this garbage strike labor dispute in East Oakland (and Alameda County) sounds like no good! No one's picking up anything, there's all that Fourth of July garbage piling up, compost heaps are starting to turn, and settlement talks have stalled. The Alameda Board of Supes has gotten involved, but it's unclear what effect that'll have, if any. People are unhappy about it, to say the least.

Picture of folks waiting in the security line at Oakland Airport this morning, from KTVU.