Bless the Chron's heart, they know kvetching about traffic is going to move a lot of papers on the newsstand -- so they go above the fold with their article about the twenty worst bottlenecks on the highway. As you'd've guessed, that horrendous interchange at Emeryville for 80/580/880 where you have to get over five lanes just to go south ranks high on the list.

We did very much enjoy the descriptions of the worst bottlenecks: whether it's the "disappearing lane" by the Gilman Street exit on 80, calling the Bay Bridge "a series of bottlenecks in which 20 lanes merge to five," or describing the problem on 880 at 23rd Avenue as "a bridge that looks lower than it is creates an optical illusion, which scientists say causes trucks to brake and slows traffic for miles," the despairing tone of the article is matched with the fact that almost half of the problems are described as "no fix in sight" or "no fix planned."

Our favorite bottleneck is the one on 101 North in Burlingame where the road suddenly turns west and the setting sun hits you right in the eyes as you make the reverse commute from your Silicon Valley job back to the city. Yours?

Picture of the 80 maze by Telstar Logistics.