Now, "On the Lot" is a show with a lot of problems. It probably would have been cancelled a long time ago, but since Steven Spielberg is one of the producers, it's been hobbling along for over a month now, having moved time slots and been cut down from two episodes a week to one. The first episode was a lot of fun, with a bunch of aspiring directors having to team up and create short films in a short amount of time. The entertainment came, as it does in many reality shows, in watching egos collide, and seeing artists under pressure. Watching the filmmakers struggle on their sets, and then seeing the result of their efforts was entertaining. But that's all gone now, and instead we see nothing but the finished product, and almost none of the work that went into the films themselves. Some might say this is a fine notion, as we should really be judging the winner of this thing based on their work alone, and not their personalities--to which we say, "Pshaw!" This is reality TV. It's all about personality!

Which leads us back to Mateen Kemet and his "horror movie" entry, "Profile."