Oh, Chris Daly's going to have a with this one for his own blog -- the Chronicle Local News Blog gleefully reports that, at Sunday's Celebrity All-Star game at AT&T Park, former college baseball player Mayor Gavin Newsom:

1) went 0-for, not hitting anything pitched to him;
2) was on the losing side of the 13-8 score for the National League
3) hit a pop-up, which was promptly palmed by Dancing with the Stars second-placer Jerry Rice,
4) was booed; and
5) threw out his back.

Gavin's been observed wincing and walking at a 45-degree angle in City Hall today, and the emcee at the opening of the Federal Building this afternoon expressed sympathy as Gavin gripped the sides of the podium tightly so he could give his speech.

Others playing at the Celebrity All-Star game included Jimmy Kimmel, chef Bobby Flay, and Kevin Dillon from Entourage. James Denton from Desperate Housewives hit an impressive home run and another Dancing with the Stars alum, ESPN's Kenny Mayne, deftly caught what would have otherwise been a homer from Kimmel.

No word if Gavin tried to ply his pitcher ways with the ubiquitous Alyssa Milano, who emceed.

Picture of Gavin Newsom throwing out a pitch at the 2004 Little League Opening Day game.

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