--Our city rules. [Examiner.]

--Today's Matt Gonzalez Mayoral Candidate Magic Eight-Ball reading: Maybe yes. [Left in SF.]

--The Punk Rock Sideshow at the Hemlock is hosting a benefit concert next Monday (July 16th) for Roisin Isner, the girl hit by the firecracker on July 4th. It'll feature a lot of all-girl bands. We're wishing you the best, Roisin! [Hemlock Tavern, via All Shook Down]

--Do you play the piano? Paul Hogarth wants to talk to you. [Beyond Chron.]

--The Wayans Brothers move forward on their movie studio in West Oakland plan. [the Trib.]

--The Chron moves from buyouts to layoffs. [92510.]

--Art Murmur in Oakland may become a street fair. [The Trib.]

Picture by Tha_Sco, from the SFist Flickr stream.