Giants 13 Dbacks 0- Yes, the Kid (the Franchise? The Enchanter?) pitched a shutout as the Giants offense exploded (somewhere, Matt Cain cried himself to sleep) but the big news is that Barry B. rallied in the final days to be voted into one of the starting spots on the NL All Star team. Credit has to be given to the Giants front office who rallied season ticket holders and other fans to his cause and were able to get him the votes needed. Some would say that the whole thing was a bit more ass-kissing on the Giants' part-- after all, they didn't rally the fans to vote for B Money Molina or Lincecum. We like to prefer his being voted in as the Sanjaya vote-- the punk vote. After all, what sort of All Stars news would cause quite the cognitive dissonance than the popular election to baseball's big night by the so-called arch-villain of baseball and poster child of steroids? We're sure there's a lot of media folks out there with steam coming out of their ears trying to figure this one out and we don't even want to think what Bud is thinking about all this. As Nelson would say, "ha ha."

A's 11 Yankees 5- Dan Haren had kind of a weird day yesterday. He didn't pitch very well (gave up five runs) but got the win (his 10th) and got selected to be the A's representative to the All Star Game. Good going Dan. As for the game, it was the return of the Bizarro A's as the pitching wasn't so hot but the offense was. The A's took two out of three from the Yankees, scoring eighteen runs in the past two games.