So it seems that the Post Office in San Francisco, or at least the Mission District, is so inept that local branches no longer handle package pickups after a failed delivery attempt. Now anyone who misses a certified letter or an Amazon package in the Mission needs to trundle down to the Postal Annex at 16th and Bryant.

The reason? The post office was so bad at getting packages and letters back to stations like the one at 23rd and Van Ness after an atttempted delivery and leaving a notice that it just decided to stop even trying. Now all of the Mission's packages go back to the Postal Annex. What fun that is for folks without cars in the Mission.

Our reader says there's a sign up to that effect in the post office itself, but, as always, by the time we got to the post office to take a picture of it, the post office was, of course, closed. Maybe we should've stopped by the 16th and Bryant Postal Annex instead.

Thanks for the story, reader Ryan!