With all the recent hoopla regarding national immigration legistlation, now might be a great time to get a perspective on immigration here close to home.

We're not sure how many SFist readers are the "stay at home on Friday nights" type, but if you are, you might consider checking out KQED Channel 9 at 8:30 p.m. on June 29. KQED, of which we're unabashed fans, has a documentary airing that should be really interesting.

Immigration Calculations is a film that examines the economic impact of immigration, specifically in the Bay Area.

The documentary follows four immigrants, all of whom are dealing with different challenges: a small business owner that originally from Mexico; a pair of Indian H-1B visa holders that are software engineers; and a chemist at a biotech company from Eritrea. Their respective situations will be analyzed by economic experts.

The program will run a few more times (check KQED's Web site), but, as they are often doing these days, the channel is also making it available for streaming, which you can access here (though it requires the dreaded RealPlayer, so we're hoping it shows up in our Comcast On-Demand as well)..

It is available en espanol, via second audio programming (SAP).