Padres 4 Giants 2- The Matt Cain suicide watch is in effect again as Cain once again pitched a stellar game only to get tagged with yet another loss. This time it wasn't just bad offense but bad defense too as two runs charged to Cain were the result of a Kevin Fransden boo-boo. Last week Jayson Stark wondered if Cain was the best 2-7 pitcher in history, so now the question is is Cain now the best 2-9 pitcher in history.

Actually, a decent question is if Cain deserved to be in the situation he was in. With the game tied, Cain was sent up to hit in the 7th inning. Should Bochy have pulled him for a pinch-hitter? After all, what the Giants needed more than anything was more offense. And how much can you ride Cain with a high pitch count? So Cain goes out to pitch the 8th and starts getting in trouble-- thus the loss. Couldn't it be said that this game was on Bochy? And once again, we're left to debate about whether or not Bochy should have the kids throwing as many pitches as he's letting them pitch. But that's a subject for another time.

A's 13 Indians 7- The A's ended their five game winning losing streak in a manner most atypical of the team, by scoring lots of runs. Seriously, this team lately has become the Bizarro A's. Leading the way was Jack Cust who had five RBIs and the A's B Team of Marco Scutaro and Kurt Suzuki. No, we haven't heard of Suzuki either but considering another Suzuki, that being Ichiro, just goes with his first name, maybe we should start calling Kurt just plain ole Kurt.