It's happening Monday, July 2, at SPUR's 312 Sutter Street headquarters from 12:30 to 1:30 pm. Valet parking will be provided. Ha ha ha, just kidding!

Here's some things that SPUR, which generally advocates for intelligent, green, sustainable planning, has to say about the proposal:

... making it impossible to change parking regulations as part of a neighborhood planning effort ... amends parking requirements to increase the amount of parking required and permitted in new projects (especially downtown) ... regardless of impact to transit stops or any street trees ... limit the ability of the Planning Commission to impose urban design and affordability requirements ...

Yeesh. You can read the entire 60-page proposal on SPUR's site, or if you hate PDFs, on our Flickr stream. (Sorry the pages are all out of order -- we can't figure out how to reorder images in the Flickr uploadr.)