Our top 5 moments at Feist's Fillmore show on Tuesday, June 26th:

     5. Hearing a cash register clang at the back of the venue in the middle of the set, and realizing that the sold-out crowd was perfectly silent. San Francisco concertgoers can really take their music seriously. You stay classy.
     4. Instead of playing to the crowd, Feist literally played the crowd by dividing us into three sections (by type of shoe sole: leather, rubber, wood) and then giving us three notes to harmonize on, which she caught like a surfer on a wave and rode right into the first song.
     3. When Feist asked if anyone in the crowd was a pianist, and audience member Melisssa stepped onstage without warning to play the piano beautifully to cheers and hollers.
     2. The second time Feist ordered the stage lights dimmed and spotlights trained to the giant disco ball in the middle of the room. It made us marvel at all those times we've been to concerts at the Fillmore and the bands didn't take advantage of that giant disco ball!
     1. The point during the extended jam at the end of "Sea Lion" when Feist broke into the riff from The Constantines' "Nighttime/Anytime (It's Alright)". You didn't have to recognize the song to acknowledge it's a monstrous guitar riff, but the semi-obscure reference to one of our favorite bands was a real thrill.

There are no less than three different shows tonight that we would love to see. It's a testament to the insane amount of entertainment served up to us in this city. A moment of silence for our good fortune...and on to this week's show recommendations:

Two bands that are playing tonight - As Tall As Lions and Fair To Midland - reminded us of a blog post we wrote last August. As Tall As Lions were on heavy rotation for us, and we'd just heard Fair To Midland highly recommended (and blasted at deafening volume) by none other than Jason Newsted. Fair To Midland are dynamic and grandiose, like Mew or the subdued sides of Tool or Mars Volta. As Tall As Lions' sounds are more mellow, but still melodic and complex. The singer reminds us so much of Craig Wedren it's uncanny; they don't list Shudder To Think in their influences on their MySpace page, which is probably an oversight or it means that someone's gonna blow this guy's mind by handing him a copy of Pony Express Record. See Fair To Midland on the Angels Love Devils tour tonight at Slim's, and Popscene presents As Tall As Lions at 330 Ritch. Speaking of beautiful voices, also playing tonight are The Veils at Cafe Du Nord. Singer Finn Andrews' voice is rumored to channel both angels and demons, and these rare Stateside live shows have proven him to be a captivating character.