--The Dyke March was fun. [Chron.]

--The Recall McGoldrick people didn't get enough signatures to get on the ballot. [From the SFist Tips line!]

--It's the winner of the World's Ugliest Dog contest! [ABC 7.]

--Learn more about Chris Daly! [Chron.]

--Can Yahoo be saved? [Merc News.]

--Ha ha ha ha! Crazy animal races at the Alameda County Fair. Would a duck beat a pig? [Inside Bay Area.]

--Remember that house that collapsed in Sunnyside? Not a good idea to try and completely redo the cheapest house in San Francisco yourself if you have no training. [Chron.]

--See a former Kronos Quartet cellist's former house in Potrero Hill. [SocketSite.]

Picture from today's Dyke March by Kanaka Pacifica, off flickr.