The reason that the station can be put out of business for a single incident is because the FCC is charged with enforcing community standards. The airwaves belong to the public, and it's the government's job to make sure that broadcasters conform to socially accepted ideas about what's good and proper. But what could be more socially accepted in San Francisco than an unpredictable gay parade with a brief smattering of indecency? We ought to be complaining to the FCC that there isn't nudity on TV right now.

But KRON, our favorite scrappy underdog-station, doesn't have much wiggle room when it comes to license renewal. They've already been fined once -- a viewer complained when the station accidentally showed a brief glimpse of a dick during a segment about Puppetry of the Penis. (Why this delicate individual did not change the channel as soon as the subject of the broadcast was announced is unknown.) And some nutcases believe that swears and genitals have magic powers, like Medusa's head -- one glimpse, and you're polluted and impure. Somehow, those lunatics are in charge of the asylum these days; so until that changes -- which could actually happen soon -- that means the parade will have to be banished.

You can watch the parade live on channel 99 -- all your favorite KRON personalities will still be on hand to host the broadcast. You can also catch it online at, and an edited version later that evening on channel 4.