We gobble the various food sections up each Wednesday. Here are our favorite nibbles from today's offerings.

SF Chronicle: Ouch! Tres Agaves appears to have slipped. Who wants "watery tequila jus flavored" chicken? Or salsa with mushy tomatoes and a soupy broth? Just in time for al fresco dining and picnics, grissini (that means breadsticks) gets a fresh look at Perbacco and Emporio Rulli. Stick it to us, indeed. Fun factoid: the two Perbacco bakers make up to 4,000 a day, yowza! That can equate to roughly five breadsticks per customer. Broken ones "have no calories" and presumably get eaten by staff. The Working Cook makes fresh Chinese noodles with quick marinated tofu and veggies. In the "hardly shocking news" category, full fat Fage yogurt is a creamy, decadent winner in the Greek yogurt tastings.