Mayor Gavvy-Gav's finally gotten through the City Attorney's report about Ed Jew, and he's none too happy about it! This is cutting into Jennifer Siebel cuddle time!

Newsom told the Chron that Tapioca Ed better cowboy up on these residency questions if he wants to stay in office, challenging Ed to "prove it," characterizing the City Attorney papers as "very damning" and "quite condemning," and calling the evidence that Jew doesn't live in San Francisco "overwhelming." (We really have to urge you to read through these neighbors' statements if you've got a moderately-fast .pdf downloader on your browser, they're . We totally want to move to this block of 28th Avenue, it sounds very friendly.)

Jew's lawyer says his client would say something if he wasn't so afraid of the DA, and furthermore, if he did, he's totally sure Newsom would have been satisfied. Yeah, since that whole "my father forgets to do things" explanation did so well when this news first broke. (Meanwhile, M&R report that the DA offered Ed a plea bargain, but Ed refused to take it.)

Ed showed up at City Hall today and voted on a bunch of things, but refused to take questions and had to be escorted out by the deputies because of the crush of reporters. Meanwhile, Newsom's like, how hard is it to prove you live in San Francisco, and furthermore, notes that he still wants to know what happened to that $40,000 in Quickly cash that the FBI's looking into too.

Picture by SFist Jim.