What's Ed Jew doing today, now that he's been excused from jury duty? This has got to be the first time anyone's been to get San Francisco jury duty, ever.

--The Chron's got the news on the City Attorney's quo warranto petition. Among the tidbits revealed: Ed Jew's wife has been taking a deduction on the Burlingame house as her primary residency for San Mateo County tax purposes -- and, hey, remember how Jew said the reason why no one saw him in the Sunset is because he left for his daily shower at the flower shop early in the morning? Well, it turns out Jew's next-door neighbor (.pdf) wakes up around 5-6 a.m. every day and has never seen anyone at Ed's house. Hey neighbor, if you're up, do you mind getting all those free papers littering Ed's driveway?

--Ken Garcia at the Examiner's been asking around too -- he brushes aside rumors that Jew was growing pot at the Sunset house but does report that he talked to a woman who sold a furnace to Jew earlier this year and said Jew was very open about not living in San Francisco. "I never thought anything about it except he had a weird name, until I read about him in the newspaper," she said.

--And we're busy reading the extremely-thorough papers and declarations filed by the City Attorney on Jew's residency. Late-night dog-walkers, eager would-be renters, folks who remembered the shooting at the tenants a few years back... and who knew Green Party State Assembly candidate Barry Hermanson (.pdf) lived on that block of 28th Avenue too? (most links in this paragraph .pdfs.)

Picture from Friday's pro-Ed rally by SFist Jim.