It's the Ed Jew San Francisco calendar for 2007! We want the Burlingame one too. Thanks to reader Jake for sending it along -- we may use the back cover for the Day Around The Bay post we're going to write up next.

The Chron's gotten a copy of the 44 page affidavit that the DA investigator filed in support of arresting Ed Jew, and, wow, it does not look good:

--Okay, to start with, Jew, through his attorney, says he didn't move into the 28th Ave. house until June 2006. However, the investigators found evidence that he's voted using that address seven times since 2003. You can only vote where you live, obviously, so there's your first problem.

--It gets worse. Neighbors say they've never seen anyone living in the house, though someone comes by every few weeks to pick up the mail and the free papers. There were never any lights on, and the spot outside the house was known as a good place to park your car because there was never anyone there.

--No one's ever seen a garbage can outside the house until two weeks ago (May 25, 2007), when a new garbage can was delivered. The raid on Ed Jew's office took place on May 18.

--The water and electricity bill at the 28th Avenue house was around $18 per three-month billing cycle. By contrast, the water bill in Burlingame showed usage of around 2700-5700 gallons of water per two-month billing cycle.

--And -- okay, this one's the worst. At the same time that Ed Jew was registered to vote at the 28th Avenue address (and thus claiming to live there), he was renting out the house. The first tenant, who moved in around 2003, said Jew was not living in the house at the time. (Also, there was a drive-by shooting into the house around that time, and a few years later, a leaky toilet created a $1900 water bill. Not relevant to the residency inquiry, but interesting!)

Conclusion: Not looking so good for our boy Tapioca Ed! On the bright side, at least we know he showers.