ybgfax1hrjcw1.jpgWhat's the latest? Poor Tapioca Ed! His legislative aide Barbara Meskunas spoke to the media this afternoon to let them know that her boss took the day off work and was "explaining the tragedy to his family." What's he got to explain? Don't they already know they don't live in San Francisco?

How's Ed doing? "As well as can be expected," Meskunas sighed. She added, "It's overwhelming. It's very hard for him. Is he going to cave under it? I don't think so. I'd never put money on Ed being a quitter." Sounds like you shouldn't put money on Ed for anything!

Ed's also hit the AP, which described San Francisco as "a place that masks its provincialism with a cachet of sophistication," and quotes a source as calling Ed Jew "not ready for prime time." Ouch! Fiona Ma also talked to the AP, being all like, "I told yalls so." In describing Jew's race against her in 2002, she says, "He bought a house, ran the campaign out of the garage, and when he lost, he sold the house." TOLDJA!

Meanwhile, pet-indifferent Aaron Peskin told ABC 7 that he's talking to the mayor about whether to bring misconduct charges against Ed Jew, and ABC 7 talked to a bunch of people in District 4, one of whom was like, "Of course he should resign. You can't represent a district you don't live in." True!

LOLJEW pics by reader Melissa (left) and reader Christine. Hee hee!