The Examiner confirms the reports we'd been hearing that someone's decided to start a recall campaign against District 3 Supervisor (and Board of Supes president) Aaron Peskin. So according to the Ex, this guy named Rex Reginald, who , has kick-started this off because he's mad that Peskin refused to consider this guy's proposal to let landlords charge more rent per pet. Reginald lives in the Sunset! Tell it to Tapioca Ed Jew!

It turns out there's a motley crew of disaffected Peskinites who actually live in District 3, including people who are unhappy about some anti-development positions Peskin took in Chinatown, and some complaints about how Peskin bought his house. About 40 people signed a petition saying they want to start a recall and filed it on Wednesday. To get the recall petition on the ballot, they'll need to get 10% of District 3 residents to sign on, which is a little less than 3400 people.

At any rate, the District 3 recallers seem a little more organized than the ragtag Recall Daly team over in District 6. (We love the "we need a webmaster" plea for help on this page.) Does everyone have a recall team now?

Picture of Peskin in shorts and bike helmet from

doesn't even live in Peskin's district