Ed Jew's latest excuse for the low water levels in his District 4 house? He showers at the family flower shop. Also, he works very, very late at City Hall. Weeeeeeelllllll.... and also, he admits he lives in Burlingame. Ding ding ding! Jew says he's living in both houses, though, and cited as evidence the fact that he's repainted the walls at the District 4 house and installed a new fake fireplace. We can't wait to see the water bills from the flower shop next.

Jew also says he's been "living" in SF since July 2006 (he's required to have lived in the district at least 30 days before filing to run for office), but the City Attorney's Office specifically noted there wasn't conclusive evidence in the record yet on that point.

In other Tapioca news, the SF Ethics Commission rejected Ed Jew's filing about that $20,000 (of the promised $40K) he donated to the Sunset Playground people, and the Chron runs a profile of Ed Jew's consultant buddy (along with a funny-sounding $30,000 fundraiser Ed Jew and the consultant ran back in 2001).

It's KWillets's lolEd picture!