Quick, look out your window! Are pigs flying? Mark this day on your calendar, because pugnacious Supervisor Chris Daly has actually backed down on something he's proposed (other than running for mayor, that is).

After getting inundated with calls from the media (presumably right-leaning) about his statement the other day about introducing a resolution before the Board of Supes calling for a permanent ban on the Blue Angels' noisy air shows over San Francisco, Daly's conceded defeat and decided not to bring up the issue next week after all.

Why?, asked the Examiner. "Because of YOU, I haven't gotten any work done today, and because of YOU, I am not going to introduce it on Tuesday [the next Board of Supervisors' meeting]." (emphasis added by us, because we like imagining Daly snarling this into a phone as he chomps down on a cigar on the other side of his mouth, and then SLAMS down the receiver! The phone makes a little ringing noise from the impact.)

We've checked in with SF PartyParty on this issue, because we're not really sure how to go on this. Why is it okay to ban Halloween (or the How Weird festival, or any other of the bazillion street parties that Gavin Newsom has cancelled), but not okay to ban the Blue Angels? If fun-loving progressives want their fun-loving urban life street parties, shouldn't they in return support other people's parties, even if they're in the Marina and kind of loud and maybe in favor of a lifestyle they don't support (the military)? In exchange, can the Newsom-supporting Blue Angel-loving citizens out there help scruffy Mission-dwelling folks keep street fairs open too? Deal?

Picture of the Blue Angels from 2005 off flickr by kumasawa.