Don't worry, he's still dead. But the deceased Bible salesman's ghost drifted through the minds of a few characters at SF State's graduation last weekend, startling an out-of-towner named, for real, Earl Clampett.

Apparently one of the graduation speakers had a few unkind words for the Reverend -- himself a bottomless pit of unkind words -- and that rubbed Earl the wrong way. So in his column on World Net Daily, a trustworthy and insightful news website, he frowns about the graduation speaker's "lack of tolerance and common decency" before loading up the truck and driving back to Beverly (Hills, that is).

The article itself's just a bunch of , and about as self-congratulatory and impenetrable as a post on Indybay. Yawn. Hopefully things'll get interesting in the form of an elevated discourse in the Digg comments.

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