And second, our driver would like to state this disclaimer before we go ahead.

I am not an official spokesperson for anything except my opinion as a MUNI driver, San Franciscan, and daily passenger just like the rest of you sorry sods relying on MUNI to get us to work on time. If you figure out who I am, please, please don't tell my bosses 'cause I want that pension some happy day – assuming there's any money left in the fund for the lowly drivers by that time.

And onto the question, "what else would you do to fix Muni?"

If I throw out everything I have to say here, this post will be too long for anyone to read. The last driver who wrote for this column stated a lot of the problems. They’re not mysterious; you, me, MTA, as Leonard Cohen would say: “everybody knows”. So I’m just gonna focus on a few ideas I think might actually do some good.