--Well, it's official -- Halloween in the Castro is done. We look forward to chaos this October 31 when people show up anyways and no one's expecting them.

--No African-Americans in the Bay Area in either jazz or classical music today. Yoshi's apologizes, the SF Opera does not.

--Good for Caltrain! They cited over 100 people who drove under the lowered railroad safety arms.

--Personnel turmoil at the Oakland Animal Shelter.

--You can follow more of Chron copy editor Alicia's Story (about her fight with cancer) on her Chronicle community blog.

--Chron political correspondent Carla Marinucci gets ripped for her negative John Edwards coverage. (we got the link from Calitics!)

--And local competitive eater breaks that Japanese guy's hot dog eating record!!!!

API Progressives believe! From today's convention. Also, Andy Ross in the background.