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{Disclaimer: I am not an official spokesperson for anything except my opinion as a MUNI driver, San Franciscan, and daily passenger just like the rest of you sorry sods relying on MUNI to get us to work on time. If you figure out who I am, please, please don’t tell my bosses ‘cause I want that pension some happy day – assuming there’s any money left in the fund for the lowly drivers by that time.}

While there are many problems with MUNI, I think the #1 problem is the unrealistic schedules. People complain about buses not coming on time, or coming bunched together, but there’s no way for buses to come on time because of the schedules, and the schedules cause the bunching. For example, anybody riding the 48 Quintara should know that the MUNI schedule gives 6 minutes for the bus to go from 24th & Mission to 24th & Castro (during the busiest time of day – otherwise it’s only 5 minutes).