We've got two weeks to catch up with here. You might remember that Andy picked both local gals (Tessa and Bevin) which meant he'd be going home to meet their families. Let's see how that went down.

First was Bevin, who Andy felt just kept "getting better and better." And while she may currently live in Palo Alto, her hometown is Seattle. She took him to Snoqualmie Falls, where she decided to drop the bomb about her past DIVORCE. She made a big deal about it, with lots of build up, but the simple truth was she got married as a teenager, apparently to piss off her parents. Big whoop. Andy expressed some worry that she doesn't take marriage seriously. She insisted she does.

Later he met the family, which included her mother, father, stepmother, and sister. Bevin's mother gave him a painting featuring a northwest scene. This made Bevin cry, as did speaking with her father about Andy. It's these moments that make this show kind of evil. Forcing these families to break down on TV, to embrace some dude their daughter has known for a month, and who they've only just met, and who, most likely, won't pick their daughter, or even if he does, probably won't be with her by the time the year is out. Is the desire to appear on TV that strong?