We stumbled out of the park around 2 in the afternoon, full of that dread that comes from being tired, sun fried, and a little drunk and knowing that there was no easy way to get from here to there without having to rely on the kindness of Muni. We had read that Muni was going to take care of things, but that still didn't make us feel better. Especially when that thing Muni was going to do involved the N Judah. As much as we appreciated the idea of extra Ns, the thought of being on a crowded N full of drunken B2B revelers didn't quite fill us with joy. Which is why we stood on Lincoln Street and were cheered by the fact we could see several buses all ambling down the road, all headed our way.

One problem, though -- they were all out of service. Seriously. For the ten minutes we stood there, we saw seven empty Muni buses go by, all with signs saying "Out of Service." What were those buses doing? Did the drivers run the race and park it at Ocean Beach so they could drive their way back home? Was there some sort of Muni Driver Beach Party they were returning from? Was it some sort of racer drag race?

Needless to say, this didn't please us. So we packed our things up and walked up to Judah Street to cross our fingers and wait for the N.

Now the N was actually running fairly often. We saw one pass us and then ten minutes later, another one appeared at our stop. And it was crowded, but not too crowded and the crowd appeared to be sober enough we didn't have to worry about drunk Marina girl puking on our exhausted selves. Yay, Muni! But when the N hit Church Street, the driver just stopped the train for a few minutes and then announced that there were more trains behind us and so we would have to get off and wait for the other trains.

Boo, Muni.

If it weren't for the 22 Fillmore actually showing up when NextBus said it would, we would have ... well, we don't know what we would have done, other than be super pissed.

That, however, was our experience. We've heard from other folks that Muni rocked their world yesterday. So what about you? Did Muni do the job or did Muni do what they usual do?

Picture by us of one of those completely empty buses going by us, taking all of our dreams and aspirations of an easy commute home with it.