Giants 4 A's 1- You know how we said that these games aren't that big of a deal anymore? Well, they are when one team wins the first two games of the series and is looking to do some sweeping a position with which the A's found themselves. Luckily for Giants fans, it was MattyMo to the rescue as he pitched a complete game two hitter. Very quietly, the 5-1 Morris has been the steadiest pitcher for the Giants and the one who has been the most reliable. Among other things, he has not given up three runs in the first inning by walking everyone under the sun. Last year, Morris would pitch well, but he'd always have one inning where he'd totally fall apart. This year, he hasn't had those type of innings and unlike Matt Cain and to some extent Lowry, he's been getting offense when he pitches. On the boards, people are speculating (hoping) that Morris would stick around long enough to be trade bait and fetch the Giants a much needed bat but besides the fact he's kind of on the old side and hard to trade, he might be the only reliable pitcher going down the stretch.