--Whoa, Ed Jew! See below. Aaron Peskin told the I-Team that the FBI was searching Jew's City Hall office for "$100 bills with specific serial numbers listed." That does not sound good at all. Jew told the Chron he's being investigated for accepting $40,000 from businessmen needing permit approvals. The businessmen were trying to open Quickly stores.

--Also, there's going to be massive layoffs at the Chron. Oh, we hope they're not going to start charging for their links -- what would SFist do?

--Carole Migden was in a minor fender-bender this afternoon too. Oh no, her new hybrid! Totally her fault -- she was lost and reaching for her cell phone. Ironically, Migden voted just last year to fine people talking on cell phones in their cars without headsets.

Everything else in light of these three items is anticlimactic:
--Baby falcons born at San Jose City Hall.
--Anti-nuke protests at the UC Regents' meeting.
--Did you know they have a $35 Muni Fast Pass for low-income San Francisco residents?

Picture from Ed Jew in happier, pre-raid times (yesterday's Bike To Work fest), by Drew Rogers from the SF Bike Coalition.