And next up, the SF Weekly. Know why? Because SFist was voted READERS' CHOICE BEST BLOG!!!!! Yay! We're so excited! Thank you, SF Weekly readers! There's no link for the Best-Of readers' choice awards, but we did get a shoutout for Jennifer Siebel's meltdown and were referred to in the whole Peter Ragone hot mess too. Other Best Ofs of note include: best glory hole, best new neighborhood (NOPA, which is where Little Star is), Best Ninja Supply, Best Tandoori Fish, and Best Marching Band (the adjectival form of the word "Gomorrah" is used). The issue is pretty much just the Best-Ofs, but what more do you need? WE WON BEST BLOG!!!!!

After the jump: The Guardian and the Metro, the Weekly of the Week, and your year-to-date stats!