Soooooo.... guess who is having a mayoral event that very same day????

In order to qualify Mayor Gavin Newsom for the ballot this coming November, we need your help. We are going to start collecting signatures from San Franciscans on June 2nd. We want to show the City's widespread support of our Mayor and his vision for San Francisco.

We're hosting a volunteer mobilization on June 2nd at 12:30 at our campaign headquarters. Please come join the Mayor and other enthusiastic campaign volunteers as we hit the streets to let people know what this campaign is all about.

Oh no! Scheduling another party on the very same day as your rival's! That is COLD. They're going to have a rally for Newsom on Chris Daly's birthday next!

After the jump: we actually talked to both Chris Daly and the Newsom campaign about this -- plus, all your info for your jam-packed June 2nd schedule.