--There were more bikes than cars on Market Street today for Bike To Work Day. Soon we will realize our dream where every car driver is assigned an individual biker to yell at them with a camera in hand.

--Better to be biking to work than on MUNI -- as some of you reported to us, there was a massive meltdown in the tunnel this morning when the computer system crashed. Maggie Lynch says this happens "infrequently."

--The FCC's approved the iPhone.

--They're hoping to reopen 580 by Memorial Day! Crazy! (The construction company gets a $5 million bonus if they do.) Also, that sign by the bridge is still way too bright.

--Steven Jones and Ken Garcia's email correspondence.

--Luke Thomas says conditions in local homeless shelters are really bad. The Newsom administration, through Pat Murphy, disagrees.

--YouTube's going to sponsor a Democratic candidates' debate. You know, never mind these "primaries" -- let's do the presidential debates like -- after each one, we get to vote one candidate off. Sanjaya for president!

Picture by Drew Rogers, of Supervisor Bevan Dufty being pedaled to work on a tandem bike, for the Bike Coalition. C'mon, Bevan, you're not even trying! Check out the rest of the Bike Coalition's pictures here.

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