We don't even know where to start with this news item -- we had to read the article like three times before we figured it out. Who has a pro-war protest in San Francisco???

The conservative group Move America Forward showed up at the SF Federal Building to protest Nancy Pelosi's plan to leave Iraq -- with a bunch of chimpanzees they'd rented from a Kern County animal studio. The chimps were supposed to be the "Surrender Monkeys," see?? The chimp is wearing a French beret and waving a white flag -- see?? The protestors ultimately got into the building to talk to Pelosi staffers, but had to leave the chimps outside.

Of course, since we live in San Francisco, the only message we take away from this: adorable monkeys think we need to get out of Iraq.

Postscript: The Chron has a report up about it too now: apparently Move America Forward was chased out of town by SF Animal Control, because they didn't have permits for the chimps.