A very sincere thank you to the reader who forwarded along this picture of former Mrs. Gavin Newsom Kimberly Guilfoyle with her baby boy Ronan Anthony Villency. All together: awwwwwww!

And this got us thinking: what's going on with the rest of Gavin's squeezes these days? Here's the results of our Google searching!

Sofia Milos: The Scientologist girlfriend! Sofia (watch out, the site plays execrable music when you load it up) was recently spotted at Hollywood eatery Mr. Chow, the same night as former MTV VJ Daisy Fuentes and B2K boy-bander Omarion.

Erin Brodie: Wow, Erin hasn't been in the news much lately. All we can find is that she might have broken up with Will Kirby about six months ago. Here's a YouTube tribute to their relationship.

Brittanie Mountz: Workin' a sweet gig as a contributing writer for Benefit Magazine (see page 19). We hear she's still modeling too.

Ruby Rippey-Tourk: Also workin' a sweet gig at Benefit Magazine, as the "executive producer, Benefit television and radio" (see page 19). She's separated from Alex Tourk, and readers have reported seeing her around town as well.

And Jennifer Siebel! Hey, we had no idea she was featured on an episode of . Molly Sims, you are the culprit! It'd be awesome if The Bumblebee punk'd Gavin Newsom, though, wouldn't it? "Hey Gavin, guess who's giving a speech after you?"

After the jump: a still from the Punkd episode featuring Jen and Molly.

Picture of Kimberly and Ronan from the Celebrity Baby blog.