Thanks to multiple readers, who sent in the following pictures from today's anti-Chris Daly, pro-corporate wifi protest on the steps of City Hall! One reader described it as "Fake Protest Time" and reports seeing the organizers handing faux-"homemade" signs to a number of confused-looking locals, while another notes that Gavin spoke and the whole idea of a grassroots protest for wifi seemed kind of contrived.

(Pro-wifi-ers, feel free to support the other position in the comments! We're just reporting what we got from our sources.)


That said, it sounds like nothing got decided at the hearing, so hey, maybe the protest worked! Take , heavily-bewhiskered Chris Daly! It was not all hot air that Gavin Newsom was puffing at the tent last Saturday!

Thanks, SFMike and other reader who wishes to stay anonymous, for the pics! Send yours in to us too (or tag them SFist on Flickr.)