Fortunately, the report also had a list of the ways that Muni can turn its losses around. Here's a handful, with more after the jump. No need to convene a freakin' panel, Gavin -- the work's already been done.

- Hire more fare inspectors. That'll bring in up to $5 million more a year.
- Parking Control Officers (PCOs) are deployed along obsolete beats. Update them. That'll bring in an extra $4 million a year.
- Collect the taxes that you said you would. There's $1 million a year in uncollected parking taxes.
- Enforce the rules that you said you would. It's illegal for downtown garages to offer all-day,weekly, or monthly passes, since that discourages people from taking the bus (sec. 155 (g) of the planning code).Enforcing that rule would bring in $5 million a year.
- Put cameras on the street-sweepers to collect license plate numbers, thus freeing up PCOs to enforce parking laws elsewhere. It would bring in $6 million a year.

More after the jump.