The shooter, Jonquel Brooks from Hayward, is still at large and considered armed and dangerous. From the information the police have released, Brooks got in a fight with three men (all of whom are either current or former Fresno State students) in his apartment complex, who accused Brooks of stealing their Playstation. Brooks then shot at the men, killing one and wounding two (the police don't know the status of the fourth person), before fleeing the scene.

Brooks is a criminology major at Fresno State. His ex-girlfriend, a 19 year old freshman, said he's a nice guy who wanted to be a parole officer, but said she hadn't talked to him recently.

Fresno State did a mass-campus alert of the situation but is open for classes today. The student paper is covering the situation. The Fresno Bee is on the story too (and has a picture of the suspect).

Update: The suspect's been arrested. He had shaved his hair and completely changed his clothes to avoid detection, but after a morning of "intense negotiations" with the police, an attorney, and his parents over the phone, he turned himself in. The cops say they were in touch with him all along and knew he wasn't near school, which is why they didn't shut Fresno State down.

Picture from the scene last night, from CBS 5.