Oakland-based Dreyer's (Edy's to our friends on the right coast) seems to want to bring you closer to your neighbors . . . by making you enter a contest to win an ice cream party. Strange. (That Edy's/Dryer's thing threw us for a loop when we lived on the east coast for a while . . . so did the Best Foods/Hellman's thing).

While we'll admit we believe that sharing food can drive world peace, we don't know about the "bond with your neighbors" gimmick here. But any excuse for an ice cream contest is okay with us, sure. We think it'd be cool to win tubs and tubs of it for doing practically nothing. Sue us, it's been hot and we've got ice cream on the brain.

This is the third year of this contest. You have until March 14 May 25 to enter. And if any of you win, you better invite us. Finder's fee, if you will. Please note: we enjoy mint chip.