Adding to the estimable Alternative Press Expo coverage by SFist Jeremy comes a little more APE coverage, albeit a teensy bit late. (Hey, its been a busy week!)

Among our favs of the day were local art collective Germart and of course, Ker-Bloom, which we blogged about here .

You may recognize the comic strip Tammy Pierce is Unlovable from the back cover of Bust Magazine but we were floored to meet the artist in person. Esther Pearl Watson puts out the priceless chronicles of Tammy Pierce, a hilariously heinous high school teen. (Did we mention the comic takes places in the 80s? Revisit all those memories of teased, ratted hair and slouched, multi-colored socks!)

We also were lucky enough to grab a copy of Orange Party Balls!, a collection of those ubiquitous box and package recipes that we all ate growing up - but would die before admitting now. If you ever need a recipe for Hot Spinach Balls, Mayonnaise Cake, Hamburger Soup or a Ham and Cheese Log, give us a call-- we'll be happy to send it over.

Esther was there with husband Mark Todd , also an illustrator and daughter Lili Todd, whose zine, Fashion Tips, we scooped up for $1. Check out more of Esther's work and get back copies of zines at

SFist Jenna, contributing. Doesn't Lili Todd look adorable? More APE fun and pictures after the jump!